I fell in love with this place

Matera (Italy): “This fall I traveled to southern Italy and spent two nights in the mysterious town of Matera, a World Heritage site where people have been living in cave homes dug out of rock since Paleolithic times. I fell in love with this place before I even set foot in it because I had been the fact-checker on the 2011 Traveler story “The Towns Italy Forgot.” Matera has a magical quality enhanced by its history, by the quietude (most streets are staircases, impassable by car), and by the way the sunlight hits the stone houses. It was fun exploring the labyrinthine old town (watch your step!), poking into chapels adorned with fading Byzantine frescoes, and eating the fabulous food. Because it was a National Geographic Expeditions trip, we had photographer Massimo Bassano along, who arranged a treat: two octogenarian residents who regaled us with stories about growing up in the caves. This just in: Matera was recently picked as Italy’s candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019.” —Marilyn Terrell (@Marilyn_Res), chief researcher, National Geographic Traveler

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