You choose to live simply or you can’t live here

Amid long-held dreams of the Sassi’s revitalization, homesteaders, small-business owners, artists and urban planners began to move back in number following a 1986 preservation law. Today, the city, with a total population of about 60,000, has a lively nightlife, an abundance of cultural events, a healthy swarm of tourists and an increasingly hot real-estate market. Last year, it was named a European Capital of Culture for 2019.


Cars are mostly banned, and Mr. Marsicano warns visitors to avoid the most arduous paths up to the home. There are many restaurants, high-end hotels and cultural centers nearby, but no easy walk to get groceries. “It is a healthier and more economical lifestyle,” Ms. Risimini insists. “You choose to live simply or you can’t live here.”

Restoring Matera, Italy’s City of Stone
Fonte: The Wall Street Journal