This land has an ancestral charm

Located in the south of Italy and sandwiched between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian seas in the “sole” of Italy’s boot, this land has an ancestral charm. Its little villages are perched on cliffs, by the sea, on mountain tops or on the foothills of the volcano Mount Vulture.

There is Maratea with beautiful vistas of the Tyrrhenian Sea, 44 churches and a huge statue of The Redeemer which is the second biggest in the world after Rio de Janeiro.
In the Lucane Dolomites you can experience the “angel flight” and view the spectacular panorama fastened to a zip line from one mountain top to another.
The local food is simply delicious and takes from the bounty of the rocky land around it.

And last but not least – the stunning Matera with its houses carved from the rocks dating 7000 years ago is a sight to behold and ingenuity at its best.


Fonte: Italy in US (Pagina Facebook)