Basilicata filmmakers tell tale of triumph over poverty

Born in Bernalda, a small town in the province of Matera, Angelo Troiano grew up watching the work of American directors like Francis Ford Coppola, whose grandfather is from the same town. When he was a child, Troiano’s mother took him to the local Cineplex to see cinematic masterpieces. However, he didn’t hear his calling to be a filmmaker until he was well into his teens.

In 2008, he started Basiliciak, a small production company funded solely by contributions from supporters. He produced three films with Basiliciak, including the highly acclaimed short film, “AnnA,” which was directed by his friend and business partner, Giuseppe Marco Albano. That partnership has grown and flourished over the years. Their most recent production is the short film, “Thriller,” about a Pugliese youngster who overcomes the financial hardships of his city by impersonating his idol, Michael Jackson. The film was catapulted into the limelight after winning Italian cinema’s most prestigious honor, the David di Donatello. Co-produced by the pair’s close friend, Huffington Post journalist and fellow filmmaker Sergio Ragone, the Lucano trio travels throughout Italy, presenting their award-winning film to enthusiastic audiences.

Thanks to social media, I’ve been connected with these filmmakers for years and I’ve watched their progress with each new project. I was so happy to see the huge success of “Thriller,” so I contacted Angelo Troiano for an interview. I found a well-spoken young man truly passionate about his work and his origins. I asked him about this phenomenon called “Thriller,” and the filmmaking boom currently taking place in his beautiful region of Basilicata.

Basilicata filmmakers tell tale of triumph over poverty
Fonte: Italian American Voice