It looks like Texas

Mounds rose up on either side of the deserted road. We hadn’t seen another car for well over an hour as we drove toward Craco, Italy. “It looks like Texas,” my Texan friend Leah Travels remarked. I haven’t spent much time in Texas other than to fly through Houston Intercontinental Airport, but it looked like what I imagine the Badlands of South Dakota must look like.

Half expecting a tumbleweed to blow across the road, we weaved around the mounds for a while before eventually turning off on to a dirt road. A faded sign you’d miss if you blinked announced Craco was indeed in this direction. This wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen in Italy or imagined the instep of Italy’s boot would like like. The coast and sea were a mere 25 miles away. I wasn’t too far off in my likening the mounds to the Badlands. They are called calanchi, meaning Badlands in Italian and have been formed by intensive erosion to the area.

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